Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Altera's views on partial reconfiguration

As of today, Altera is still planning to upgrade Quartus II to facilitate dynamic/partial reconfigurability of user logic in Stratix V devices. However, the 2010 white paper Increasing Design Functionality with Partial and Dynamic Reconfiguration in 28-nm FPGAs discusses Altera's views on partial reconfiguration.

From my reading, Altera's view is conceptually identical to Xilinx's.

Lucked out

I found a few interesting tidbits on the web:

  1. Conflicting definitions and quotations on Wiktionary:
  2. An interesting historical analysis:

What other commonly used words/phrases have opposing meanings?

How to do good research

After many years of having Richard Hamming's You and Your Research on my reading list, I finally read it. Should have done it years ago. Thoroughly recommend it